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Fact:  Casinos want you to play your cards according to basic strategy and bet the same amount each hand (flat betting) since the odds will favor them to win.

Fact:  By altering basic strategy and changing your bets based on precise card counting, the odds can actually favor you to win.

Fact:  Casinos have made it almost impossible to tilt the odds in your favor because of their ongoing efforts to complicate basic strategy and eliminate effective card counting.

Question:  Is there a better way to win at blackjack?

Answer:  YES!...and this fresh approach to blackjack can be found in a powerful eBook called Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy.  Absolutely no card counting is involved...why learn such a difficult skill and then not be able to use it in today's casinos which have shrewdly made card counting a lost art?  So forget card counting and invest $14.95 in a winning game plan that is realistic, easy to learn, and low risk with great potential. 

You can also forget about casino recommended flat betting since it does not take advantage of hot streaks nor lessen the effects of cold streaks.  This is the heart of Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy and can be explained with three scenarios in which you play ten hands...the first has you losing all ten, the second winning all ten, and the third alternating wins and losses five times.  The table minimum is $10 and the initial bet $25.  So your bet will be $25 each hand if you are flat betting...but assume a $5 betting change after each hand with the streak method.   

                                                                  Net Profit or Loss

                                                             Hot Streak    Flat Betting

1.  Reduce bet $5 after each loss...              -$130          -$250

2.  Increase bet $5 after each win...             +$475         +$250

3.  Reduce bet $5 after win and 
              increase bet $5 after loss...            +$25              0

How do you make the transition from one of these three scenarios to another?  That is the key to profitable betting and the answer is given in Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy.  It will show you how to bet and play every streak, alternating, and chop combination for an extra bump of profit potential.  You will not be fooled by any situation.  No strategy can guarantee that you win every time you play, but you can attack casinos with this one and improve your bottom line versus flat betting and impractical card counting strategies.  

Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy is also designed to be productive for any casino venue.  You can relax and enjoy playing blackjack at any open table, regardless of table rules, number of card decks used, or whether the cards are dealt by hand, shoe, or continuous shuffling machine.

If you have a few more minutes, you might be interested in further analysis on how Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy solves the problems you face when flat betting or trying to count cards.  You also might like to know how it relates to the fallacy of conventional odds thinking.  And what about online casinos?  Take another minute to read about playing blackjack online.

Blackjack Strategy Analysis

Every blackjack strategy has a playing component and a betting component.  The playing component for most strategies since the 1960's has been basic strategy. While there are numerous betting components that range anywhere from flat betting to high risk progression betting, the most successful one has been to make betting adjustments based on precise card counting.  However, casinos have been using tactics to make these traditional blackjack strategy components obsolete.  Here's why:

Problems with Basic Strategy

If you play perfect basic strategy with flat betting, the house has only a slight 0.5% edge.  But playing perfectly is no longer practical in most casinos.  The days when you only needed to learn one set of playing decisions from a simple chart are long gone.  Casinos vary table rules and number of card decks used which causes subtle changes to basic strategy.  For example, if the dealer has to hit soft seventeen; if you can split aces more than once; if you can split other pairs up to four times; if you can surrender; if you can double down on any two cards; if blackjack pays less than 3 to 2; or if the dealer uses one, two, four, six, or eight decks will all have an impact on basic strategy.  Even in the same casino, you see tables with different combinations of rules and deck numbers.  So it now takes numerous charts to show all of the decisions to play blackjack.  This paves the way for confusion, incorrect play, and loss of focus on the betting component.

Problems with Card Counting

For years, the best way to win at blackjack has been to tweak basic strategy and change your bets based on precise card counting which can give the player about a 2.5% edge.  But casinos have been adding strong anti card counting measures that have created an environment in which precise card counting is no longer feasible.  Some of these measures include burn cards, early shuffle, multiple decks, restricted betting when entering a shoe in progress, and continuous shuffling machines.  Not only do these tactics adversely affect the betting component, but they also erode the flexibility that card counting gives to playing basic strategy.  Expert card counters have long used the mix of undealt cards to deviate from basic strategy for insurance, double downs, splits, and surrendering, hitting, or standing on the stiff hands.  Even if you find that rare table where you can count cards effectively, the casino will remove you from the premises if they think you are counting cards.  It does not make much sense to spend many hours perfecting your card counting skills and then not be able to use them to win.

Blackjack Strategy Solution

Trying to play perfect basic strategy with either flat betting or precise card counting is no longer very effective.  Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy is now the better way to win at blackjack.  It has an easy playing component that consolidates basic strategy into one universal playing chart that can be used anywhere, regardless of the combination of table rules, deck numbers, and dealing methods.  This makes you play the tough hands the same way each time and not chase after the odds. You will then be playing blackjack on automatic, just like the dealer, and concentrating on your betting.  The betting component is a special no card counting betting technique that uses low risk win/loss trend progressions to exploit hot streaks, minimize cold streaks, and profit from stretches where you alternate wins and losses.  Blending these two components together gives you a winning strategy for any casino. 

Rethinking the Odds for Blackjack Strategy

Odds for all blackjack strategies are averages based on playing an infinite number of hands.  This means that even if you play for years using basic strategy with flat betting, which gives the house a slight advantage, it is not a sure thing that you will lose an amount based on that small percentage.  Likewise, if you adjust basic strategy and change bets based on precise card counting, which gives the player an edge, you are not guaranteed to win anything.  Your success will be determined by whether or not you get more than your share of expected results during your limited playing time.  For instance, if you have been counting cards accurately and increase the bet because you know the deck is rich in high cards, and you are dealt more than the average number of hands expected with blackjack and twenty, you can win at blackjack.  But if you are dealt fewer than the average, you will be contributing to the next casino construction project.  In addition to fighting these long term odds or averages, Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy takes advantage of the actual results in your current sessions, both good and bad.  In other words, it optimizes the trends that lady luck throws your way on top of using a smart basic strategy for the long haul.

Blackjack Strategy for Online Casinos

Since online programs simulate shuffling all of the cards after each hand, any card counting strategy would be pointless.  Obviously, Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy would be ideal to use online.  However, you should take a hard look at the following concerns before you play blackjack online:  1.) Is there an independent governing body for your online casino?  2.) Are the cards dealt fairly?...will bad hands show up more often when you start to bet aggressively?  3.) Are the free chip and deposit bonus policies deceptive?  4.) Will your bank do business with online casinos?...if so, what kind of deposit fees are involved?...  and if you win, how long will it take to get your money and how much are the withdrawal fees, wire transfer fees, etc.?  5.) Is your credit card and banking information safe?  So try to find an online casino that has been around for a good while and/or recommended by someone that you know.  But if you have access to a brick and mortar casino, play your blackjack there.  Nothing beats the feel of a stack of real chips in your hand on the way to the cashier!        


Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy has made basic strategy simple again and card counting a betting option to forget.  Investing $14.95 in your blackjack future may be the best bet you ever make...why not make the bet today?

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Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy since 2008 - Copyright 2015 by Pete Caldwell
Basic Strategy

Basic strategy is the mathematically optimum way to play a hand if you are not counting cards.  It is based on your two cards and the dealer's up card versus the remaining cards in the deck or assumes you are the only player at the table and each hand is the first hand dealt after a shuffle.     
Card Counting

Card counting is keeping track of all exposed cards on the table from past and present deals until the cards are reshuffled.  It gives you a better picture of the composition of the undealt cards so you can change your bet and/or depart from basic strategy if it is to your advantage.  
Hot Streak
No Card Counting
Low Risk Betting
One Basic Strategy Chart
Progression Betting

Progression betting typically means that you increase your starting bet in a prescribed sequence until you win and are ahead in the amount of the starting bet.  You then return to the starting bet and repeat the sequence. Blackjack experts don't promote progression betting because the odds are against you in the long run and casinos have a table limit on how much you can bet on any given hand, which restricts you in the short term.  But Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy is not your typical progression betting strategy. It uses a consolidated basic strategy for the long term and a betting technique for your current sessions that is low risk and efficient. It is a common sense approach for maximizing profits in any session, whether it is hot, cold, neutral, or a combination of the three.   
Remove You from the Premises?

Card counting is legal, but since casinos are private property, they have the right to ask anybody to leave for any reason.  If they think that you have an advantage playing any of their games, they will most likely remove you from the premises.  Casinos are concerned about card counting because card counters potentially have an edge in the long run.  They do not worry much about other blackjack strategies since the long term odds favor the house.  But when using Hot Streak Blackjack Strategy, you will be optimizing trends in the near term while playing solid basic strategy for the long term.  This will allow you to win and still fly under the radar.  

The reason a casino makes money, even when it has a small edge, is because it can approximate playing an infinite number of hands.  It is pretty much a sure thing for a casino to win when you consider it is open 24/7 and has millions of players pass through each year.